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In all our design choices, and in every single component from our shoes to our packaging, we always look for materials that have a lower impact on the environment than conventional options. We double-check certificates. We triple-check our facts. When it doesn’t compromise the style and the durability of our shoes, we always choose the sustainable option. When we don’t choose the sustainable option, we’re committed to telling you the honest reasons behind that choice. And we’ll stay curious and informed on how we might change those decisions in the near future.


1 | To reduce waste, we create 3D prototypes before deciding which shoes will be made as physical samples.

2 | Our colored leathers come from tanneries that are audited and gold-certified by the Leather Working Group.

3 | Our lining is all chrome-free leather.

4 | Our insoles are crafted from cellulose and completely biodegradable

5 | Our soles are made of vegetable-tanned leather.

6 | Our shoeboxes are not merely shoeboxes, but wooden vanities meant to be cherished and repurposed. They are crafted in a GOTS-certified factory, with a recycled textile.